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Coleman Hawkins always used to tell interviewers that the country was full of world-class players they hadn’t yet heard of.  My experiences in the last few years prove he was right — even in this age of instantaneous communication, there are immensely talented people working at their craft whose names haven’t yet become common knowledge.

You should know the singer Barbara Jean.  Here’s why:

I met her for the first time at the Thursday night sessions at this year’s Jazz at Chautauqua — where she was introduced by our own Rebecca Kilgore.  The Athenaeum Hotel had sponsored the first-ever traditional jazz workshop at Chautauqua — and, as Becky said, one of her vocal students was already an accomplished singer.  Barbara Jean not only has a quiet sincerity, but she’s also a good lyric writer, improving a great deal on the rather tortured syntax we find in BODY AND SOUL.  She’s fortunate to be accompanied by the best: Dan Barrett, John Sheridan, Frank Tate, and Ricky Malichi.

Here’s her website:  http://www.barbarajeanjazz.com/index.html

JAZZ LIVES wishes her well!