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Melissa Collard told me about this wonderful blog — “On This Day in Jazz Age Music” —http://networkedblogs.com/p28200453.  The creation of Confetta Ras.  She posts photographs, mp3s, sheet music, and more, celebrating the lives of musicians and personalities born on that day.  As Melissa says, it’s nice to wake up and be reminded of whose birthday it is.  Today, February 19, Confetta is honoring banjoist Eddie Peabody, British traditional jazz trumpeter Bill Brunskill, singer / actor / dancer John W. Bubbles . . . . and more.  She’s assembled biographies, YouTube clips, song lyrics, recordings; there are listings of Jazz Age radio shows online.  Wow!  I’ve put it on this blogroll: pay it a visit and you’ll be entranced!


Through the magic of Google Alerts, I was directed to two new jazz-related blogs, both of which are worth a serious look, for different reasons.

Jon McCaslin’s FOUR ON THE FLOOR came to my attention because of a recent feature on Papa Jo Jones — irreplaceable, perhaps inscrutable, certainly uncontrollable.  Here Jon has collected a number of video clips that shine the spotlight on Jo.  And his blog is full of other intriguing stories!  Visit it at http://jonmccaslinjazzdrummer.blogspot.com/ .  By the way, “Four on the floor” doesn’t only refer to manual transmission: it refers to the life-enhancing practice, among drummers of another generation (as well as Hal Smith, Kevin Dorn, Chris Tyle, Nick Ward, and Jeff Hamilton) to use the bass drum to keep the rhythm going. 

Through a rather circuitous route, I found myself rapt, staring at one beautifully-designed record label after another on Ted Staunton’s website.  Ted modestly says that he doesn’t own all the records, but he has assembled them in logical order and told a bit about the history of each label.  And the labels themselves are often lavish Art Deco miniatures:

Because the Beloved and I are now on Maui, I thought this label was particularly appropriate:

Ted’s site can be found at http://www.tedstaunton.com/.  You’ll be astonished!

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