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WordPress filed this comment under “spam,” but I don’t know . . . I think it’s heartfelt.  I might get stickers made to place on my mail.  What do you think?

You are my inhalation, I own few web logs and often run out from to brand.

It works wonderfully when set to YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE:

“You are my inhalation, my inhalation, I own few web logs, and I run out.  Please keep on blogging, my inhalation, don’t take from to brand away.”

When you ask us why we blog (and you will ask!) it’s moments like these.


You can find it here: http://www.hankoneal.com/index.php?option=com_lyftenbloggie&view=lyftenbloggie&category=0&Itemid=73.

I’m thrilled that Hank has entered the blogosphere.  We have so much to thank him for: the long series of Chiaroscuro recordings, the concerts at the New School (I was there for a few and treasure the experience), his Floating Jazz Festivals, his wonderful photographs, his book THE GHOSTS OF HARLEM.  In general, he’s been one of the most energetic and thoughtful friends this music has.  (And any man who was a friend of Eddie Condon, Ruby Braff, and Squirrel Ashcraft deserves canonization.)

Now he’s got a wonderful blog — with long, lively entries on Earl Hines, John Bunch, Hank Jones (all of whom he knew and worked with), and this splendid picture of Jacqueline Onassis:

Hank is also a very fine writer: gracious, natural, sharp-eyed.  What he writes is first-hand; it’s not a series of other people’s observations.  I’ve added his blog to my list of morning must-reads and think you’ll want to do so also.