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Have you saved your high school notebooks?  If you are like me, you disposed of them at the end of the school year with no particular regret — in fact, I sent my chemistry notes into a trash barrel with only feelings of relief.  I see now that we may have been hasty, incautious.

The owner of this remarkable piece of schoolwork is asking one million dollars — or Best Offer — for it here on eBay.  And an elaborate explanation of the circumstances affecting the fifteen-year old writer is offered at the bottom of the page.  This is one page of a ninety-six page notebook.  My transcription of this essay or draft of an essay may be imperfect, but the writer’s tone and content are perfectly clear.

Mr. Marks                                                                         Thelonious Monk

E 4-7                                                                                   February 9, 1933

My Favorite Magazine

     My favorite magazine is the “Boy’s Life” magazine.  I like it because it tells a great deal which interests boys.  Forinstance: it has a great deal of stories of boy’s life, it tells you a number of camps in which you can spend up [?] the summer, it has a part in the magazine which tells you what the boys are doing in the world to become great.

     It has a section in it which teaches you necessary things while camping.  Most boy scouts read them, and I think it is a good magazine to read.  

     It is published monthly by the Manhattan Scout Council.

All the hallmarks of Monk’s later musical style are explicit here: the repetition of simple phrases — but offered at a slight slant, the insistence, the use of simple language.  If you read this essay to the rhythms of a Monk piano solo it would make perfect chiming sense.  The portrait of an adolescent Monk absorbed in tales of camping is still rattling around in my head, but I may get used to it.

May your happiness increase.