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Don’t read.  Listen!

I might be slightly late to the party, but I admire the Australian swing singer HETTY KATE immensely, and I wrote about her music here six months ago. Both of the discs I heard — a romping collaboration with pianist Gordon Webster and hip New York friends, and a dark swoony collection of love ballads — were superb.  She is a genuine singer who knows the music, has a pleasing voice, can swing, and is not in the copying business.

I am delighted (and surprised) to be able to report that Hetty and Gordon are coming to New York City to celebrate their CD release (the celebration takes the form of a swing dance party, naturally) at DROM NYC (85 Avenue A, 646-791-4244).  The doors open at 6:30; the music is from 7:00 – 9:00. You can purchase tickets here — and the DROM package also includes a choice of Mediterranean dinner options . . . worth checking out, as dancing can build up a tremendous appetite.

I’ll be there for the music.  And if you hold to Larkin’s Law, which suggests that if X were any good you would have heard of X already, well, it’s time to drop that ancient restrictive view of the world.  The concert is produced by Misha Katsobashvili and Gordon Webster — a solid guarantee that fine music is going to be on the menu.  See you there!

May your happiness increase!