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Jennifer Jane Leitham is a remarkable musician and a singular person.  I met her for the first time a year ago at the Sacramento Music Festival, and liked her on the spot: she is forthright and sweet-natured.

But I wasn’t only meeting someone who could truly play that cumbersome instrument: I was meeting a woman who had triumphantly made it through a very long and arduous journey.

She’s a brave person, and the documentary about her, I STAND CORRECTED, is something you should see.  Here’s the trailer:

This process of being human, of becoming the person you were meant to be, is not always easy, although those who keep on keepin’ on may find deep rewards.

I STAND CORRECTED has been showing all across the country . . . look for it wherever courageous motion pictures are shown!

And if the trailer moves you, click here to vote for the trailer (it’s number 139, down the page) so that this film can be seen by a wider audience.

May your happiness increase.