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Properly speaking, Colin Huggins is a classically-trained pianist, so if your definitions of JAZZ are narrowly restrictive, you might make sniffing noises at this post.  But please suspend your disbelief: he certainly LIVES and he has energy and devotion that would do justice to four or five people!  (Thanks to Lynn Redmile for telling me about him.)

Colin Huggins is a pianist.  And he plays in a variety of locations that don’t ordinarily have pianos.  So that in itself is intriguing.  He has a number of pianos stored all over New York City; he brings them to locations he finds conducive — including the subway and Washington Square Park — so that people can hear music . . . piano always, sometimes accompanied by tap dancers or a drummer.

Here’s a YouTube clip where you can see him in action:

Colin’s trying to raise money through Kickstarter to put a high-quality baby grand piano in Washington Square Park:


His website is: http://www.thecrazypianoguy.com/

My out-of-town readers may roll their eyes and say, “Oh, those New Yorkers are crazy, aren’t they?”  But having more music always seems like a good thing — so go to it, Colin!