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This morning I broke out of my usual YouTube routines — videos about kitten and puppy rescues (The Dodo), videos showing excellent cookery (Not Another Cooking Show) as well as music (Davey Tough) . . . and I stumbled upon this superb short film — a loving portrait of teacher / composer / pianist / illuminator Barry Harris leading a five-day workshop in Rome.

The description is very simple: “A short movie capturing the amazing synergy of Barry Harris & people. Filmed during the Barry Harris Workshop Rome, March 2019. Made with the ear of a musician, with the eye of a reporter and most of all: straight from the heart. A film by Heleen Schuttevaêr,; video editing by Hidde Kroonbergs.”

Even if you’ve never heard of Dr. Barry, or if he is simply a name in a discography to you, I urge you to watch this frankly enthralling video: I’d like everyone who sings in the car, everyone who teaches, everyone who is open to learning . . . to spend the twenty minutes.  It’s just lovely.  And the thought I went away with is this: we can’t all study with Barry, sing, or play, under his tutelage — but we can work to graciously absorb the experiences that others offer us, and we can work to be our own version of Barry to others who want to join in.

To think that we live on Barry’s planet is very reassuring.  And today is his ninety-first birthday.  We salute you, Doctor Harris!

May your happiness increase!