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corned beefIt’s tempting for those who love an older art form — such as swinging jazz — to romanticize the past.  “Oh,” we think, “they wrote such wonderful songs back in those days!  If I could turn on my radio (or: if I had a time machine) in the Thirties, I would hear marvelous creative music all the time!”  Perhaps.  I have been doing research into the songs of Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin — who wrote many of Bing Crosby’s hits as well as IF I SHOULD LOSE YOU, YOU STARTED SOMETHING, PLEASE, and THANKS FOR THE MEMORY — and this unknown gem surfaced.  I’m sure that someone out there has a recording of it, even that the performance is on YouTube.  But I’m afraid to look.  Here are the lyrics.  They’ll do for me. 


From the film “Kiss And Make Up” (1934)

(Music: Ralph Rainger / Lyrics: Leo Robin)

Helen Mack & Edward Everett Horton (Film Soundtrack) – 1934


“I’m simply wild about you

I couldn’t do without you

Corned beef and cabbage, I love you

You always set me raving

You satisfy that craving

Corned beef and cabbage, I love you

If I could have you every day

My life would have more spice

And even if I’d have to pay

I’d gladly pay the price

I see you and surrender

Oh, won’t you please be tender

Corned beef and cabbage, I love you!

I’m always happy when you

Are featured on the menu

Corned beef and cabbage, I love you

Although you’re so plebeian

You’re fit for any queen

Corned beef and cabbage, I love you

You fill me with a strange desire

That haunts me all night through

You seem to set my heart on fire

You give me heartburn, too

Why don’t you try a load

O’ bicarbonate of soda

Corned beef and cabbage, I love you!”

Can you see Edward Everett Horton warbling this?  In Hollywood, anything was and is possible.