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MUGGIN’, in the Stuff Smith opus, I’SE A MUGGIN’, had nothing to do with violent surprise attack, and everything to do with gaining a heightened state of enlightenment and bliss through what were then not controlled substances. You’ll figure it out.  And while you are musing, listen to and watch the Ivory Club Boys at Armando’s in Martinez, California, on May 31, 2014, as they have a good time. Muggin’ lightly, obviously.

The Ivory Club Boys evoke the hot music of Fifty-Second Street in New York City, and specifically the fierce jazz of violinist Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys.  For this occasion, they were Paul Mehling, guitar and vocal; Evan Price, violin; Sam Rocha, string bass and vocal; Isabelle Fontaine Magidson, rhythm guitar and vocal; Marc Caprarone, cornet (sitting in for Clint Baker that night).

Mug on!

More to come.

May your happiness increase!