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Enrico Tomasso’s talents are too large to be enclosed in one photograph.   So the celebrated nature photographer Lorna Sass took two of him in action at the 2010 Whitley Bay International Jazz Festival.

Rico is always slightly in motion, so these photographs capture him as a moving subject. 

If you haven’t seen the wide range of Lorna Sass’s photographs (eclectic photography — high-heeled women, shadows, scorpions, and exquisite nature studies) hurry on down to http://www.lornasassatlarge.wordpress.com.


The renowned nature photographer and blogger Lorna Sass also has a deep affection for small-band swinging jazz.  She offers a few portraits taken at the 2010 festival.  Here she captures the heroic Bent Persson, plunger mute in position over what I believe is a Solotone mute — all too technical, but this portrait makes it appear that the interior of Bent’s horn is red-hot, which is absolutely accurate.

Here’s the extraordinary (and nattily-attired) Josh Duffee, the virtuoso of the choke-cymbal, beating it out, caught in mid-stroke, pensive and relaxed all at once.

The heated and lyrical Andy Schumm, in the special trumpeters’-cornetists’ zone, eyes rolled back in his head: echoes of the famous portrait of Louis at Symphony Hall, 1947.  Working hand, Andy is shedding light all around him!

Not only did Lorna capture Malcolm Sked on his shiny and sonorous tuba, but the reflection of the entire orchestra, assembled, as well!


This isn’t a posting about jazz, so purists are encouraged to turn over the leaf and choose another page . . .

But I have my computer set up near a large picture window in this country house we’ve rented in East Chatham, New York.  And although my usual state of absorption in what I am writing about is near-total, twice in the last few days I’ve been distracted — happily — by something orange fluttering outside the window in a stand of purple flowers.  The first flying insect I can’t identify; the second seems to be a wondrous butterfly. 

Simmer 2009 005


Simmer 2009 008The world is unfolding its beauty even while I’m writing about King Oliver!