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I always remember how Wild Bill Davison responded to an audience member’s request that the band play a particular tune, “Get your own band!”  So I write what follows with some amusement and some hope.

I have been able to post some extraordinary videos from the 2011 San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Festival thanks to Rae Ann Berry, and she hasn’t completely gotten down to the bottom of her hoard by any means.  But there is one set that has eluded both of us, and since the air seemed to be thick with video cameras at that festival, I am asking my readers to think of JAZZ LIVES kindly.

The set I am trying to find (and post) took place on Saturday night — around 9 PM.  It was originally scheduled as a Reynolds Brothers set, but word must have gotten around, as it does, and by the end of the whole glorious riotous enterprise, the quartet of John, Ralf, Marc, and Katie, had become an All-Star Orchestra, with visitors Brian Casserly, Jeff Hamilton, Tim Laughlin, Dawn Lambeth, Chloe Feoranzo, Peter Meijers, Howard Miyata, Bryan Shaw, Justin Au, Brandon Au, and Nik Snyder* — all on a tiny rectangular bandstand.

They played THREE LITTLE WORDS, FAT AND GREASY, I CRIED FOR YOU, an astonishing MY LITTLE BIMBO, and closed with ‘DEED I DO.

Did anyone capture this set, and (more importantly) are you willing to upload it to YouTube so that it can be posted here?  I would be eternally grateful — and if the music surfaces, other readers of JAZZ LIVES will truly understand why.

Imagine Bing and Eddie Lang working their way through PLEASE, and you’ll get the general idea of my current state of mind.

*Had Dave Frishberg been there, he could have created a wonderful song lyric from just those names alone.


More wonderful music from the 2011 San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Festival, proving that gratitude doesn’t require roast turkey.

Here are four delicious selections by the Reynolds Brothers, made available for JAZZ LIVES through the generosity of Rae Ann Berry, whose handiwork can be seen in two places (if you don’t encounter her at a concert, gig, or jazz party): her up-to-date list of hot jazz gigs in the area on www.sfraeann.com and her YouTube channel here.

The Reynolds Brothers Rhythm Rascals masquerade as the Ellis Island Boys when they’re at California Adventure Disney, but I just think of them as Katie Cavera, string bass and vocals; John Reynolds, guitar, banjo, vocals, and whistling; Ralf Reynolds, washboard, refereeing, and vocals; Marc Caparone, trumpet, vocals.  On this set the youthful Nik Snyder joined them on banjo, too.  And we had a splendid visit from Dawn Lambeth!

CHARLEY, MY BOY — with a neat vocal by Katie at a more leisurely tempo than usual, bringing out the song’s coy humor:

I GOTTA RIGHT TO SING THE BLUES showcased Dawn’s sweet singing — and she began with the verse, a rare treat.  Louis and Django smile on this performance, as well:

I’M COMIN’ VIRGINIA always summons up Bix –always a good thing. One audience member was audibly enthusiastic during this performance, and with good reason:

YES, SIR, THAT’S MY BABY adds young Mr. Snyder to the party — great fun (and catch Nik observing John intently):

Ready to launch!

Thanks to Paul Daspit and these glorious musicians.  More to come!