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Good news!  Andy Schumm, the sterling cornetist, is making a New York visit.  He’ll be playing at The Ear Inn this coming Sunday (October 24) with our other delightful visitor from afar Dan Barrett, Matt Munisteri, Scott Robinson on bass sax — a heavenly jazz crew!  And no doubt other New York friends and admirers who have their horns with them.  That’s 326 Spring Street from 8-11 PM. 

I confess that I would like the Ear to be jammed with sympathetic wise listeners who sit reverently and know that SUSIE (OF THE ISLANDS) was issued in two takes.  But I hope the throng of admiring Bixians will save me a seat at the bar, too. 

And — long-term good news — Andy’s just started his own website: www.andyschumm.com.  You can see what a pleasure and resource it’s going to be — not just the usual LOOK AT ME! extravaganza.  Andy wants to make his site a place where people can chat about their jazz interests, share their discoveries, get answers to their questions — which will be valuable indeed.  Do take a look!