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My guess is that you might not have heard of these four fellows.  But that isn’t a terrible thing: I post this to remind people that gratifying improvised music is being created all over the world — not just by stars in concert halls and clubs in big cities.  Here’s a truly swinging version of CHEROKEE created by four fellows in Bologna, Italy, in July 2012:

Davide Brillante, guitar; Stefano Sorace, drums; Matteo Raggi, tenor saxophone;  Rob Beneventi, string bass.

They know how to pulse, how to lay it down in the most relaxed manner, how to intertwine and how to stay out of each others’ way — gentle convincing swing mastery!

I wish I could travel all over the world and meet musicians like this . . . it happens for me, but not as often as I would like.  BUT . . . Davide Brilliante will be visiting New York City this summer — so I hope some of my musician-readers find him on his Facebook page  and say, “Come on and sit in when you visit!”

May your happiness increase.