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During his lifetime, Jess Stacy seems to have received less attention than his subtle talents merited — a commentary on what happens to popular art that doesn’t paint with broad strokes.  Musicians knew how remarkable he was, and many listeners . . . but here are several pieces of sheet music (found on eBay) that suggest someone was paying attention.  Even if “paying attention” meant that  Robbins Music saw something salable in Jess Stacy’s talent.

The first transcription notes that Jess is a member of the Bob Crosby Orchestra, which would place it in the very early Forties.  JOHNSON RAG was a big hit for many bands — and someone thought that people would pay forty cents (not a small amount) to attempt to play as Jess did:

The second transcription is initially copyrighted 1939, then 1945 . . . around the time Stacy led his own short-lived big band with his then wife Lee Wiley:

And here, for the brave, the nimble, and those who know how to play a Modern Piano Transcription of a Famous Rhythm Standard, is the first page:

Master this and be the star of the annual JAZZ LIVES recital.