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WHO IS SHE? (2013 Edition) — featuring JAMES P. JOHNSON

Another eBay sighting: five 5 x 7″ photographs that come from the collection of Robert Altshuler.  This one is the most interesting: an onstage shot of James P. Johnson at the piano, possibly before the performance begins, discussing some detail with a female singer.  A man in a light suit is moving behind the singer.  Is the singer Chippie Hill?  I would guess that the photograph comes from the middle Forties.  I originally thought that the man in the light suit could be guiding genius Eddie Condon, but sharp-eyed Uwe Zanisch noted that the man is holding a trumpet.  Thus: somewhat small-boned Caucasian trumpet player.  Max Kaminsky?  (Thank you, Uwe!)

Any thoughts?


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