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I have stayed away from Facebook for as long as possible, thinking that the hours I spent at the computer didn’t need to be added to . . . but at the urging of the Beloved, JAZZ LIVES now has its own Facebook Fan page.  Do I know what this means?  Hardly.  Does it inspire confidence?  Not exactly.  But in the spirit of the twenty-first century, I am announcing something I don’t know much about . . . so that you, my devoted readers, can tell other people who might “like” this blog and what I do . . . and on into the sunset. 

Click on the Facebook logo on the right to “like” JAZZ LIVES.  (Who knew that my blog had, of its own accord, become so insecure?) 

Wish us luck.


Although I have been guilty of bad-mannered satire about compressing any worthwhile utterance into 140 characters or less, I’ve finally succumbed to the blandishments of the newest form of “social networking” and put this blog on Twitter, if that’s the correct idiom — as Jazz_Lives.

That’s http://twitter.com/JAZZ_LIVES.  In the new language this endeavor brings with it, feel free to Tweet, even to Retweet . . .  

I’ve also signed up at Twitterfeed, although I have a hard time not making jokes about that title and the birdfood one can buy in huge bags at Agway.  Old habits and old skepticisms die hard, or at least they fall with a terrible clatter. 

Why all this Twittering?  Partly because of gentle urging, partly because I’d like the whole world to see and hear Vince and the boys play ROYAL GARDEN BLUES.  Imagine if I saw someone across from me on the subway grooving to Bent Persson on his or her iPhone?  I would feel much better about this century than I often do. 

On other, mildly-related matters, both I and this blog have a new email address: swingyoucats@gmail.com.  “Mark it down!” as Billie says on MISS BROWN TO YOU.

However it all works out, I hope that everything in your daily life is as Tweet as possible.