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The fine photographer John Herr was everywhere, camera in hand, at the most recent Jazz at Chautauqua.  The first portrait comes from Professor James Dapogny’s Saturday afternoon solo gig in the Athenaeum lobby. 

Herr Chau 1

I’m most intrigued by the two secret agents, who happen to be jazz pianists, in the audience.  At the rear, lurking behind a pillar with his pink necktie, barely undercover, is Ehud Asherie.  Off to the right, in a plaid shirt, is Andy Schumm, more usually found behind his cornet — drinking in every nuance. 

Here’s Dapogny, close up, working hard to amaze us.

Herr Chau 2

John captured Petra van Nuis and Andy Brown, both deeply immersed in their duet. 

Herr Chau 3

Thank you, John, for showing us such beautiful music!