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I found out about the video below through the magic of YouTube — “luh2” found me . . . and I casually began to watch this. 

And found myself on a gray day feeling mightily elated.  The music?  Decca, Basie, JUMPIN’ AT THE WOODSIDE.  The dancers?  Athetic, spinning, stomping, joyous. 

(Dance purists please take a deep breath before commenting on violations of historical purity.) 

The place?  SWINGLANDIA, September 2010 . . . . Kiev, Ukraine!

Wouldn’t Herschel Evans have been tickled beyond words to know that his music had such vitality seventy years after his death in a place he’d only seen on a map . . . and that young young young folks were still swinging out to it?

As if their lives depended on it, which of course they do!  (Ours too.  Imagine a life without music or dancers. . . . )