Where were the people with the recording equipment?

James P program front

All that remains is this program, saved carefully by a World War Two veteran who attended the concert:

JAMES P. reverse 1945

James P. deserved so much more recognition and attention than he ever received.

A postscript.  This just in!  I don’t think James P. was recorded often enough, even though his (intermittent) discography covers more than thirty years.  And I thought I had heard all the available recordings . . . but then I found this 4-CD set on eBay, 1949 Kid Ory broadcasts from the Beverly Caverns — where James P. fills in for Buster Wilson six times.  Acquiring this set might require some active web-detective work, but it is heartening to know that there is more James P. to be heard.

ORY box set

You saw it here first.  (Perhaps.)

And here is a taste of James P. in the middle Forties:

May your happiness increase!

4 responses to “JAMES P. JOHNSON at CARNEGIE HALL, MAY 4, 1945

  1. Well spoken, Michael.

  2. Hello, Michael. Thank you so much! I don’t have detective skills, but after your tip I went looking for it in Spotify, and I found it! Thanks!

  3. DDn "Zoot" Conner

    An under-rated marvel at work and play-nice post, Michael.

  4. Do you suppose, Michael, that it was George W. Lattimore ( his manager ), who came up with the moniker : Dean of Jazz Pianists “, Michael ? I’ll have to ask Scott Brown.

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