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Willie “the Lion” Smith was one of jazz’s great individualists: you know him in four beats. Here’s a delightful rarity, a Lion original, KARNIVAL ON THE KEYS, recorded by Timme Rosenkrants, the Baron, in 1944:

Here’s the opening page of the piano transcription — for the fearless! The whole manuscript can be purchased here.

Our musical benefactor — via YouTube — calls himself BlueBlackJazz and the channel is a rich trove of marvels.

Roar on, Mister Lion. And thanks to Sterling J. Mosher III for pointing the way.

May your happiness increase!

LIPS and COZY at the ONYX

eBay, the nation’s treasure chest, opened its lid to reveal this marvel.

and the wonders continue:

As I write this, it’s still for sale here. I held myself back from purchasing, so it’s yours for the moment.

I’d guess the card dates from 1944-46.

Here are Lips and Cozy in 1937, eminent sidemen in “Chu Berry And His Stompy Stevedores”: Hot Lips Page (tp, vcl) George Matthews (tb) Buster Bailey (cl) Chu Berry (ts) Horace Henderson (p) Lawrence “Larry” Lucie (g) Israel Crosby (b) Cozy Cole (d). New York, March 23, 1937

and one of the great “love language” songs:

and a brand-new pop song:

and a song about a venerable London suburb:

and an all-star Don Redman Orchestra, including Hot Lips Page, Dick Vance, Harold “Money” Johnson, Henry Glover (tp) Henderson Chambers (tb) Burnie Peacock, Don Redman (as) Don Byas (ts) Bob Wyatt (p) Cozy Cole (d) and others: New York, January 29, 1946:


plus one:


These recordings aren’t always noted, so it’s lovely to have such a good reason to share them with you.

May your happiness increase!