Hold on tight.

Rossano Sportiello is the Maestro, no questions about it. Classically trained with a deep jazz feeling and impeccable technique, he astonishes us. Here’s his solo version of Nicolo Paganini’s Caprice # 24, which rocks all the way through . . .from the Milan conservatory to Harlem stride to super-Tatum without a quiver.

Rossano performed this as one of his solo features in a duet concert with brass wizard Danny Tobias put on by the Pennsylvania Jazz Society (October 30, 2022).

I suggest that you play and watch this several times, so that you can assure yourself it actually happened, the creation of Maestro Sportiello.

May your happiness increase!

2 responses to “MAESTRO SPORTIELLO’S CAPRICE (October 30, 2022)

  1. Wonderful version, to complement the existing recordings by Dick Wellstood, and Johnny Guarnieri

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